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Waimea Holistic Massage is a little hidden retreat tucked away on the wet side of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kate's work focuses on dropping you into a deeply restorative and healing space where you can notice and release what is happening in your body.  This work honors the connection between mind and body and is generally, deep, rhythmic and adaptive to your body's needs and preferences.  Kate is trained in a number of modalities and specializes in prenatal massage and support for women during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Our bodies tell the stories of our lives and therefore each bodywork session should be as individual as the body on the table.  The intention behind a holistic massage is to bring greater awareness into the body and to sink the body into a deep state or relaxation and restoration where the body is at it's most optimal ability to heal itself.   Kate uses a number of modalities adapted to your preference for tempo and pressure  to help you access this healing space, allow for greater awareness, movement, freedom and spaciousness in the body.

Thai Yoga Massage combines the advantages of a great restorative yoga class with the healing benefits of massage. Clients are able to totally relax and let go as they are taken through passive stretches and rhythmic massage techniques given with intention and metta, the spirit of loving kindness. Thai Yoga Massage is wonderful for athletes and yogis as well as for those who may consider themselves not-so-flexible. (Thai sessions are done on mats on the floor and clients should wear comfortable loose fitting clothes.)

Enjoy safe, nurturing touch that addresses your ever changing body in pregnancy and helps you to find more comfort and space for you and for baby.   Prenatal bodywork can bring relief to many of the common concerns of pregnant women while helping you to reduce stress, practice surrender, and become more aware of your body.  Allow time to honor and tune in to your body and baby while getting relief from low back pain, hip soreness, upper back tightness, leg cramps, swelling and other issues of life and pregnancy.

Explore and understand your pelvis and find positions and movements that provide the most opening for baby to come through. Learn and experience techniques to help soften and open the soft tissue connections of the pelvis.  Address areas of holding and tension that may be present from previous pregnancies, birth experiences, trauma or from unknown origin.  Practice breath, massage and positioning for laboring and birth so that you can soften and surrender.

This is a holistic massage adapted for the specific needs and concerns of new moms including techniques to relieve muscle tension & over stretched muscles, balance hormones, address fatigue & loss of sleep, restore muscle tone and proper postural alignment, ease symptoms of the baby blues or post partum depression, and in case of c-section, encourage proper healing of c-section scars.

A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional & informational support to a mother & her partner before, during & just after birth. Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labors are shorter with fewer interventions and less need for pain medication. Babies are often healthier & they breastfeed more easily. Kate believes that birth is a transformational event in a woman’s life & seeks to support her choices for her best birth.

What our clients are saying

Kate works her magic and I feel a sense of well-being for days afterwards. She restores your balance, activates your chi, nourishes your body and soothes your soul.

Elaine W.

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