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“All knowledge is not learned in just one school.”

Traditional Hawaiian Proverb

Holistic Massage

Our bodies tell the stories of our lives and therefore each bodywork session should be as individual as the body on the table. The intention behind a holistic massage is to bring greater awareness into the body and to sink the body into a deep state or relaxation and restoration where the body is at it's most optimal ability to heal itself. Kate has learned from a number of different sources and styles and weaves this knowledge into a healing session that is more focused on the needs of the person than the protocol of any one modality.  She draws from Swedish, deep tissue, Thai Yoga massage, Lomi lomi, myofascial release, energy work, chi nei tsang, and Rosen work as well as from years of receiving bodywork regularly and experimenting and being curious with the bodies that lay on her table. Kate will gladly address your preference for tempo and pressure and will encourage you to enjoy your session with a sense of openness to what is there and what is moving through.  Holistic massage will help you to access this healing space where pain and tension can be released while allowing for greater awareness, movement, freedom and spaciousness in the body.

1 Hour $105

75 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $145

2 Hours $185

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