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Trust your body to know what to do, and know your body so you can trust it.

Jenny Blyth

Birth Preparation Sessions

Come alone or bring your partner or birth support person for an individualized session that will help you get to know your birthing body more in depth and learn techniques to help you prepare for birth and that will increase your confidence in your birthing body and help to make more space in the pelvis for your baby to come through. These sessions are most appropriate for women beginning around 28 weeks. Ideally a 3 session series would happen at 28 weeks, 31 weeks and 34 weeks.   Dress in clothing that is comfortable for relaxation and movement.

  • Explore and understand your pelvis and find positions and movements that provide the most opening in your body for baby to come through.
  • Learn and experience techniques to help soften and open the soft tissue connections of the pelvis.
  • Address areas of holding and tension that may be present from previous pregnancies, birth experiences, trauma or from unknown origin.
  • Practice breathing techniques, massage, hands on adjustments and positioning for laboring and birth so that you can open, soften and surrender.
  • Learn exercises and techniques to help baby move into or stay in optimal fetal positioning for easier birth and to help baby engage in the pelvis. Explore techniques to create greater space and opening for breach or OP babies to move.
  • Talk through your concerns or worries.
  • Get clarification on the birth process and breastfeeding.
  • Bring your questions
  • Get Homework, take home exercises for you and your partner to practice and play with
  • Each session will end with relaxation and softening techniques

Initial Birth Prep Session (90 minutes) $75 SAVE 25% if combined with a prenatal massage

3 Session series (90 minute sessions) $200  SAVE 25% if combined with a 3 session prenatal massage package

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